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Page Change Summary Date
Forties Fashions Added new page "Forties Fashions" 7 May 2015
English Added more material about Letter-Combinations 30 Apr 2017
Farming Added section on Animal Husbandry 29 Apr 2017
Transport Added news item about QANTAS Dreamliner flights 27 Apr 2017
Shopping Added material about Advertising 22 Apr 2017
Homegoods Added material about Toilets 21 Apr 2017
Homegoods Added material about Stoves and modified other items 20 Apr 2017
English Added new material 2 Apr 2017
Medical Matters Added section on The Iron Lung 26 Mar 2017
Medicines Added section about Thalidomide 26 Mar 2017
Photography Added info about Polaroid cameras and other items 13 Mar 2017
Contact Killed annoying bug on Contact page 10 Mar 2017
All pages Improved navigation and slideshow systems of website 27 Feb 2017
Transport Added sub-pages on Early and Modern Fighter Planes 6 Feb 2017
Music and Mathematics Revised and added new material 23 Jan 2017
Old Cars Corrected info about World's Longest Car 15 Jan 2017
English Added material and revised page layout 11 Jan 2017
Communication Added material and revised page layout 10 Jan 2017
Steam Trains Added new images 6 Jan 2017
Home Fixed several broken links (sorry!) 15 Dec 2016
Communication New material and improved layout 26 Nov 2016
Home Added material and freshened page layout 21 Nov 2016
Farm Management Added information about fencing and containment methods 9 Aug 2016
Recreation Added information about games we played 24 June 2016
Transport Re-design of Tranport related pages 22 June 2016
All pages Improved and simplified site navigation 23 May 2016
Trains General tidy-up and added some info 30 Mar 2016

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