Stalin's Engine, the AA20

Picture of Stalin's engine, the AA20
"Stalin's Engine" AA20-1 (2-14-4 planned, 4-14-4 constructed)

Built: Krupp Works, Essen, then Lugansk Works, Russia, 1934

Description: The largest non-articulated locomotive in Europe, with the most coupled axles in the world. Its total length was almost 111 feet. Its wheel configuration, planned as 2-14-4, was later changed to 4-14-4. Only one was built.

Duties: Intended for heavy haulage on light rails, with a loading of only 20 tons per axle, on the Moscow-Donbass route. The "20" in AA20 refers to 20 tonnes per axle. She successfully made a publicity trip to Moscow in Jan 1935, but never entered service.

Significant Events: Very damaging to line equipment, and was scrapped without entering service.

Retirement: Stored at Scherbinka Test Facility, then scrapped in 1960

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