Royal Scot, a 4-6-0 Configuration Steam Locomotive Class

Picture of Royal Scot, a class of steam locomotives from The Olden Days
Royal Scot 6100

Built: Introduced in 1927,The London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Royal Scot Class is a class of 4-6-0 express passenger locomotive. A total of 70 were built. In 1926 the Chief Mechanical Engineer, Henry Fowler began the design of a compound Pacific express locomotive, but a decision was later made to cancel this project, and to replace it with one for a 4-6-0 with three cylinders and a simple-expansion steam circuit. LMS placed an order with the North British Locomotive Company of Glasgow for 50 engines. The design was then carried out by Herbert Chambers, Chief Draughtsman at Derby and his staff. A further 20 were built later.

Description: Royal class 4-6-0 steam locomotive. Tractive effort: 30150 lbf Weight: 127.6 t (loco+tender).

Duties: Passenger express on the West Coast Main Line.

Significant Events: 6100 was once 6152 Kings Dragoon Guardsman, but swapped identities with 6100 Royal Scot in 1933.
The class suffered three major accidents:
In 1945, 6157 (Royal Artilleryman) derailed while hauling an express passenger train at Bourne End, Hertfordshire due to excessive speed through a set of points.Forty-three people were killed and 64 were injured.
In 1950, 6119 (Lancashire Fusilier) was hauling an express passenger train which was in a rear-end collision with a light engine at Penmaenmawr, Denbighshire due to a signalman's error. One person was killed.
In 1952, 6117 (Welsh Guardsman) was one of two hauling an express passenger train that was derailed at Blea Moor Loops, Yorkshire due to a defect on the other locomotive causing a set of points to move under the train.

Retirement: 6152 Royal Scot is owned by The Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust, and returned to steam for first time in over 20 years at the West Somerset Railway's 2009 spring gala. Currently at Crewe Heritage Centre.

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