Met Loco No. 1, an E-Class 0-4-4 Steam Locomotive

Picture of Met Loco No.1, a steam loco from the olden days
Met Loco No. 1

Built: 1898 at Neasden Works

Description: Metropolitan Railways E class (0-4-4T)

Duties: Designed by the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Met, Mr T. F. Clark, for use on the Baker Street to Verney Junction service.

Significant Events: The last locomotive biuilt at the Neasden Works. In 1904 headed the first passenger train on the opening of the Uxbridge branch from Harrow on the Hill. Worked the last steam-hauled LT passenger train in 1961, and survived in use until 1965.

Retirement: ; L44 was saved from being broken up for scrap by the endeavours of a 19 years old London Transport Mechanical Engineering Apprentice (Jim Stringer) and an engineer, Gerald Fitzgerald. They initiated and carried through to completion the project to restore L44. The work was later advanced by the Quainton Railway Society (now the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre). L44 is now kept at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.

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