Lord Nelson, a 4-6-0 Configuration Steam Locomotive

Picture of Lord Nelson, a steam locomotive class designed in 1926
Lord Nelson

Built: Designed by Richard Maunsell for Southern Railways (England) in 1926

Description: Lord Nelson was a class of steam locomotives, the first being Lord Nelson itself (850). 4-6-0 configuration; Tractive effort: 38500 lbf Weight:144.6t
A total of 16 built, with names of Lords and knights, numbered 850 to 865.

Duties: London to South-West England express passenger service

Significant Events: When produced, they were the most powerful locomotive in Britain.
Several locos were involved in accidents:
851 (Sir Francis Drake) derailed 1946
852 (Sir Walter Raleigh) suffered direct hit by a bomb 1941, out of service for 1 year;
854 (Howard of Effingham) firebox failure killed fireman and injured driver 1945. Derailed after over-running signals 1952
860 (Lord Hawke) Derailed when track was damaged by a bomb 1940. Collision that killed two people 1947.

Retirement: Only 850, Lord Nelson, has been preserved. She has moved to the Mid Hants Railway where, following a series of repairs, she is again a reliable performer.

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