Jessie, a 0-6-0 Saddleback Steam Locomotive

Picture of Jessie, a 0-6-0 "saddleback" steam locomotive

Built: Built by Hunslet in 1937. 0-6-0 saddleback number 1873 at Eastmoors steelworks in Cardiff.

Description: 0-6-0 saddleback (i.e. the "saddle-tank" watertank sat astride the boiler). 22150 lbf tractive effort.

Duties: Jessie spent its working life as No 18 at Eastmoors Steelworks from 1937 to 1965 hauling ladle wagons of slag to the sea shore tip, or pushing 100 - 150 ton torpedo wagons of molten iron ore between the blast furnaces and the melting shop. It could pull trains of over 1000 tons on the level.

Retirement: Jessie was restored to working order at its home on the Llangollen Railway in north Wales and on 29th Decmeber 2003, moved once more under its own steam.

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