GNR Stirling 4-2-2-Steam Locomotives

Picture of Great Northern Railways steam locomotive Stirling from The Olden Days
GNR "Stirling"

Built: Designed by Patrick Stirling for Great Northern Railways, the first being built in 1870.

Description: Express passenger train locomotive. Top speed (with light load) 85 mph.

Duties: Designed for high-speed (then) express passenger trips between London and York.

Significant Events: On 7 March 1896, a passenger train hauled by locomotive No. 1003 was derailed at Little Bytham, Northamptonshire due to the premature removal of a speed restriction after track renewal. Two people were killed.

Retirement: Withdrawals of the 1870 series began in 1899. The last examples of the class were in use on secondary services until 1916. The first of the class, No 1, is the only engine to be preserved, and is exhibited at the National Railway Museum, York, UK

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