Earl of Mount Edgecumbe, a Steam Locomotive

Picture of Earl of Mount Edgecumbe, a Castle class steam locomotive
Earl of Mount Edgecumbe

Built: Built in March 1936, Swindon Works. It was originally named Barbury Castle, and was renamed Earl of Mount Edgcumbe in September 1937.

Description: GWR "Castle" class (4-6-0) locomotive, tractive effort 31,625 lb

Duties: It frequently hauled the GWR's 'Cheltenham Flyer', which was then the fastest train in the world.

Significant Events: Re-named from "Barbury Castle" in 1937 to "Earl of Mount Edgecumbe".

Retirement: Withdrawn from service in December 1963. In 2008 a lengthy restoration was completed, and on 3 October she moved under her own steam again.

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