City Of Melbourne, a Steam Locomotive

Picture of City of Melbourne, a steam locomotive from The Olden Days
City of Melbourne

Built: North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow

Description: 4-6-4 configuration "R" class. Tractive effort 32,080 lbf.

Duties: Ran on Australia's Victorian Railways from 1951 to 1974, but were replaced by the new diesel-electric locomotives during that time. Used for shifting wheat trains of over 1,000 tons from Victoria's Western district through to the ports for export. Double-headed R class locomotives, sometimes aided by a third R acting as banking engine at the rear, could be seen battling the 3 mile, 1 in 52 (1.92%) Warrenheip Bank out of Ballarat

Significant Events: Production delayed due to the Great Depression, then shortly after their introduction, in 1952 were replaced progressively with diesel-electrics.

Retirement: All but seven of the class were withdrawn and cut up for scrap. The remainder were used for special events.

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