Butler-Henderson, a Steam Locomotive

Picture of Butler Henderson, a steam locomotive from The Olden Days (1920)
Butler Henderson

Built: Built at Gorton, Manchester in 1920. Designed by John G. Robinson for passenger work, the first batch of Improved Director Class (4-4-0) steam locomotives was delivered in 1919, and Butler-Henderson, no. 506 was the first of these.

Description: 4-4-0 configuration. Leading wheels 3ft 6in; drive-wheels 6ft 9in; weight 61 tons; length 25ft 3in. The large drive wheels made this a fast locomotive but unsuitable for freight-hauling. Tractive effort 19,645 lbf.

Duties: Initially used on passenger work on the GCR system, including fast expresses from Sheffield Victoria to London Marylebone. Later in their careers, they were used on short distance passenger trains. On lines of the Cheshire Lines Committee during the late 1940s and early 1950s, they hauled expresses between Manchester Central and Liverpool Central; also semi-fast trains from Manchester Central via Northwich to Chester Northgate.

Significant Events: The only surviving passenger locomotive of the original Great Central Railway. It was the first of the Improved Director class to be built.

Retirement: Withdrawn from use by British Railways in 1960, but has been preserved and currently wears restored GCR colours and is on display at Barrowhill Roundhouse.

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