BR 78019, a Steam Locomotive

Picture of BR78019, a class 2 (2-6-0) steam locomotive built in 1954
78019 (BR 2-6-0 Class 2)

Built: 1954; Total of this type produced: 65 (78000 - 78064); Designer: R. A. Riddles; Builder: British Railways Darlington Works

Description: Type:BR Standard Class 2 (the smallest of the BR classes); Fuel: Coal; Gauge: 4 ft 8½ in;

Duties: Initially worked on the Stainmore line over the Pennines.

Significant Events: In February 1955 was featured in a documentary film entitled "Snowdrift at Bleathgill" when it rescued its "sister" engine 78018 from a snowdrift at Stainmore Summit.

Retirement: Withdrawn Nov 1966; restored and working for the Great Central Railway in Leicestershire, UK. Retired in 2014

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