Black Prince, a Steam Locomotive

Picture of Black Prince, a 2-10-0 configuration steam locomotive from the olden days
Black Prince

Built: Designed by Robert Riddles, and built by BR (British Rail) at Swindon Works in Jan 1959.

Description: A large 9F class (2-10-0) loco designed to haul up to 900 ton loads at high speed while maintaining good fuel economy. The driving wheels were 5 feet 0 inches and the leading wheels were 3 feet 0 inches in diameter. To assist the very long wheelbase loco to negotiate curves, the centre driving wheels had no flange, whilst those on the second and fourth coupled wheels were reduced in depth. This allowed curves of a radius as tight as 400 feet to be negotiated. Weight 141 tonnes. Tractive effort 39,667 lbf. Nicknamed "Spaceship".

Duties: When withdrawn after a working life of less than nine years, it hauled heavy iron ore trains out of Birkenhead Bidston Dock to Shotwick Shotton steelworks.

Significant Events: Black prince holds the haulage record at 2158 tons from a standing start, and hauled the last steam-hauled ore train out of Birkenhead in November 1967.

Retirement: On closure of the LMR, it was moved to Eastleigh Depot and then, in 1973, to the East Somerset Railway until 1998. During this period it visited several other heritage railways and in September 1982 hauled the heaviest freight train in Britain, 2158 tons, at Foster Yeoman's Tor Works. After being overhauled in 2004, it worked on the Gloucester-Warwickshire railway until 2011, then moved to the North Norfolk Railway.

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