Bittern, a Steam Locomotive

Bittern steam locomotive from The Olden Days, with single chimney
Bittern, with single chimney
Picture of Bittern, a steam locomotive from the olden days, with a double chimney
Bittern later, with double chimney

Built: Designed by Sir Nigel Gresley, and built for the LNER in 1937 at Doncaster Works.

Description: LNER Class A4 (4-6-2 configuration). Was painted in garter-blue for the first few years of her life, then black during the war. Re-painted in Brunswick green in 1952. It had a single chimney until 1957, when a double chimney was fitted. Tractive effort 35,455 lbf

Duties: Initially Bittern was based at Heaton in Newcastle and served the famous Flying Scotsman train in the section between Kings Cross and Newcastle.
After the war, it pulled the Talisman Express from Kings Cross to Edinburgh.
Was moved to Ferryhill at Aberdeen on 10 November 1963 and ran to Edinburgh and Glasgow. This service only lasted three years.

Significant Events: Started life as number 4464 then was re-numbered as 60019 in 1948. Early in its career, Bittern suffered some collision damage, necessitating a general overhaul at Doncaster in January 1938.

Retirement: Withdrawn from British Railways traffic on 5 September 1966 and restored for preservation.

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