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The Olden Days website features some of the amazing changes in technology; social, school and home behaviour; and services available. There are sections about changes in travel; trains, cars, ships and aircraft; money and measurement, and much more, since The Olden Days.

Where possible there are pictures of the items discussed, and moving the mouse pointer over the picture generally provides further information on the item.

You're invited to add your own memories of The Olden Days - like old games and activities, toys and tools, or whatever - and these will be placed on the appropriate page (they may be edited to fit the theme and page layout).

Much of the content relates to England in the '40s to '50s, but some refers to Australia and other places.

Your own contributions can relate to anything, any time, any place, but should not contain identifying information about people except of course, when it relates to a particular event.

Photos and diagrams related to "The Olden Days" are also welcome. Please try to include some background information with pictures, either on the picture or separately.

Your contact details will never be revealed or passed on to anybody.

The Olden Days Author

My name is Phil Taylor, and I'm an old guy from England living in Perth, Western Australia with my (Australian) wife. I was a "ten-pound passenger" when I came to Melbourne in 1952 with my parents and five siblings (but I weigh a bit more than ten pounds now!).

Photo of Phil Taylor in 2011I'm an ex-Salvo, ex-Telecom worker and ex-Bunnings worker - in fact, ex-everything (almost) - I'm retired. (No, I don't believe "Telecom worker" is an oxymoron).

With a son and two daughters, and six  seven  eight   (wait for it...) grand-children, I feel I have left my mark upon this country, if not the world.

My main interests are my family, writing computer programmes and building websites, the English language, natural history and "Weird and Wacky" stuff.

My favourite movies are Life Of Brian, Cool Hand Luke and Ben Hur - all movies from "the olden days". I guess my own age shows here! I enjoy brass band, classical, and pipes and drums music. Oh, and my wife's singing, my favourite song being "Oh, Latte", which she sings to our cat, Latte to the tune of "Volare".

We also have a dog called Pepper. Because the cat still "rules the roost" (as cats do) we call him King Latte, and of course, Pepper had to have a title too, so he became Sultan Pepper (think about it).

Hair Restoration ad from The Olden Days

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy the trip back to The Olden Days as we reminisce these changes together, and please come again.

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