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Welcome, and please join me in a visit to “The Olden Days”, where we’ll reminisce about the good old days (and maybe some of the not-so-good old days) of our youth. Remember the old school bell, desk, and inkwells and blotting paper? Or trafficators and crank-handles? What about Ice boxes, and mangles? Conkers? LP records?

The Olden Days looks at some of the things we once had and used, It also looks at services we "enjoyed" like ice delivery, the rag-and-bone man and the night-cart, and compares our lifestyles then and now.

Copper washtub from The Olden Days
Copper Washtub
Milkman delivering milk
Manually picking potatoes
Potato Picking
Picture of a radio from The Olden Days
Picture of olden-days steam train
Steam Train
ZX81 computer
ZX81 Computer
Picture of cap gun
Cap Gun
Brownie Box camera
Box Camera
Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect
Picture of old Magneto telephone
Magneto Telephone

On these pages we look at changes in technology, home-goods, transport, education and many more fields which I'm sure will bring a smile of recognition from those who lived in that period, and chuckles of amusement from those who didn't. It is hoped that the items will be of interest to older people like myself, our families, and students. If something triggers memories for you, or seems particularly interesting to you, the site has achieved its purpose.

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