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Qantas will begin daily non-stop flights between Perth and London on its new Boeing 787 Dreamliners from March 24, 2018. Read more  on the Transport page.

Billionaire Elon Musk says that he will build a giant rocket to ferry people to a village he will create on the Moon, to Mars. Read more on  the Transport page.

Welcome, and please join me in a visit to "The Olden Days", where we'll reminisce about the good old days (and maybe some of the not-so-good old days) of our youth. Remember blotting paper and inkwells? Car trafficators? Ice boxes? Re-visit these and many more items from our past.

The Olden Days looks at some of the things we once had, did and used, like washtubs, iceboxes and magneto telephones; school desks and teaching methods; and car trafficators, crankhandles and running boards. It also looks at services we "enjoyed" like ice delivery, the rag-and-bone man and the night-cart.

Picture of a Magneto Telephone Telephony
Picture of a Garratt steam locomotive Steam trains
Picture of radio valves Radio valves
Cigarettes were freely available to anyone, including childrenCigarettes
Picture of toilet with chain-operated cisternThe toilet
Picture of blackboard in a classroomSchool
Picture of conkers (horse-cheestnuts)Childrens games
Picture of fireworks, used on Guy Fawkes nightFireworks
Picture of Brownie Box cameraPhotography
Picture of a B29 bomber aircraftAircraft
Picture of a thimble, a finger protection tool.Sewing
Picture of rotary telephone dialPhone dials
Picture of Charlton Heston, an early-days actorTheatre
Picture of washing mangleWashing implements
Picture of a crystal set radioCrystal set radio
Picture of Dandy comicComics

Naturally, a trip down memory lane will not be the same for everybody - everyone's childhood was different - but there are many things common to all of us. It's important that our childhood memories are kept alive, to be enjoyed by those of us who lived them, and as a heritage for our children and grandchildren.

A page has been provided that makes it easy to write to us with your memories, or to comment on The Olden Days website. You can include photos as well as a textual description, and you may like to use a pseudonym to help maintain your privacy (although your details will never be released to anybody else).

This website is designed essentially for two groups:

  • Children and younger-generation people who are interested in seeing how their parents and grandparents lived, and the things they had and did in "the olden days". They may also like to use the site to research infomation for school projects or assignments.
  • Older people, like myself, who like to reminisce and think about things as they used to be and how these have changed, for better and for worse over their lifetime.

There are also sections on games we played, how we controlled our children's behaviour and what we did for relaxation.

Your own memories will include many things not mentioned on The Olden Days website, and you're invited (read "encouraged") to submit them via the Contact page,so that others who share similar memories can re-live them as well. The Contact page can also be used to send comments or corrections relating to items on the pages.

Your items will be placed on a page with related topics, or on a new page when necessary.

Enjoy your visit and come back often, and if you have special memories or stories from The Olden Days, please send them to me to add, so that others can enjoy them as well.

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