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Welcome, and please join me in a visit to "The Olden Days", where we'll reminisce about the good old days (and maybe some of the not-so-good old days) of our youth. Remember blotting paper and inkwells? Car trafficators? Ice boxes? Re-visit these and many more items from our past.

The Olden Days looks at some of the things we once had, did and used, like washtubs, iceboxes and magneto telephones; school desks and teaching methods; and car trafficators, crankhandles and running boards. It also looks at services we "enjoyed" like ice delivery, the rag-and-bone man and the night-cart.

Copper washtub from The Olden DaysCopper Washtub
Milkman delivering milkMilkman
Manually picking potatoesPotato Picking
Picture of a radio from The Olden DaysOlden-Days Radio
Picture of olden-days steam trainSteam Train
ZX81 computerZX81 Computer
Picture of cap gunCap Gun
Brownie Box cameraBrownie Box Camera
Ford PrefectFord Prefect
Picture of old Magneto telephoneMagneto Telephone

Naturally, a trip down memory lane will not be the same for everybody - everyone's childhood was different - but there are many things common to all of us. It's important that our childhood memories are kept alive, to be enjoyed by those of us who lived them, and as a heritage for our children and grandchildren.

A page has been provided that makes it easy to write to us with your memories, or to comment on The Olden Days website. You can include photos as well as a textual description, and you may like to use a pseudonym (although your details will never be released by us to anybody else).

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